Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages 2023, Daily, weekly & Monthly

A company of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Ltd, Ufone was established in 2001. (PTCL). The business provides a variety of services. One of the key companies in the Pakistani telecom business, Ufone has a customer base of over 24 million customers.

In order to offer its clients faster and more dependable mobile internet services, Ufone has recently concentrated on growing the coverage of its 4G LTE network. The business has also launched a number of cutting-edge offerings, like the Ufone Super Card, which provides bundled services at a reduced cost.

Ufone internet packages 2023

Ufone’s internet packages have varying data limits and costs depending on the package selected. Users can also check their data use by dialing *706# from their Ufone SIM.

Moreover, Ufone provides its internet users with a variety of value-added services, such as streaming, music, and gaming options. To deliver these services to its consumers at reasonable prices, the business has agreements with a number of content producers.

Overall, Ufone’s internet services’ high speeds and dependable connectivity are well-known. In order to serve more clients in Pakistan with internet services, the company is consistently expanding the coverage of its 4G LTE network.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Customers of Ufone can purchase daily internet packages starting at just Rs. 7 for 2000 MB of bandwidth.

You can stay online and experience fast speeds with Ufone’s daily internet packages, whether you need the internet for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones.  Ufone’s daily internet packages are made to meet the varied needs of its users.

Package nameValidityDataPriceSubscription code
Best Morning Offer  1 day2GB (9AM – 12PM)  Rs. 7 (incl. tax)  How to subscribe
Daily Off Peak Plus  1 day1.5 GB (6AM-6PM)Rs. 13 (incl. tax)How to subscribe
Mega Internet12 AM – 12 PM2 GB  Rs. 20 (incl. tax)  How to subscribe  
Daily Light    Validity: 1 Day  Social Networks: 1 GB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, line )  Data: 40 MBRs. 14 (incl. tax)  How to subscribe
Daily Whatsapp Offer1 Day  100 MB Rs. 1.50(incl. tax)  How to subscribe
SnapChat Offer   1 Day100 MBsFree of Cost  How to subscribe
ufone daily offers

Ufone 3 day Internet Packages

Ufone offers 3-day internet bundles that give customers practical and affordable choices for maintaining an internet connection. You may browse the web quickly and reliably, watch videos, and download files for work or fun with Ufone’s 3-day internet services.

Package nameValidityDataPriceSubscription Code
3-day bucket3 days100MB internet+500MB for twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp & lineRs 30How to subscribe
ufone 3 day bundle

Ufone weekly Internet Packages

With Ufone’s weekly internet packages, clients have easy and reasonably priced options for remaining online for a full week. To meet the varied demands of its customers, Ufone offers weekly internet packages with multiple data options ranging from 250 MB to 2 GB at various pricing points.

Package nameValidityDataPriceSubscription Code
U-Power internet7 days16 GBs(includes 8 GBs from 2am to 2pm)Rs.260(load)How to subscribe
Weekly internet plus7 days10 GBs(includes 5 GB from 1am to 9am)Rs.220(load)How to subscribe
Super internet7 days1.5GBRs.160(load)How to Subscribe
YouTube Offer7 days5 GB (only for YouTube)Rs.120(load)How to subscribe
Internet Max Offer7 days25GB(1am till 9am)Rs.120(load)How to subscribe
Ufone Tiktok Offer7 days4GBRs.70(load)How to subscribe
Weekly SnackVideo Offer7 days4 GBRs.70(load)How to subscribe
ufone weekly offers

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone provides its users with cheap and effective solutions for maintaining an internet connection for a whole month by offering monthly internet packages.

To meet the varying needs of its users, Ufone offers monthly internet packages with a variety of data options ranging from 1.5 GB to 30 GB at various pricing points.You can browse, watch, and download content quickly and reliably with Ufone’s monthly internet packages without having to worry about running out of data.

Package nameValidityDataPriceSubscription Code
Monthly Heavy Internet30 days30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am)Rs. 730 (Load) How to subscribe
Monthly Whatsapp Offer30 days6 GB only for whatsapp  Rs. 70 (Load)  How to subscribe
Super Internet Plus  30 days18GB (includes 9GB from 1am to 9am)  Rs. 549 (Load)  How to subscribe  
Social Monthly    30 days1 GB only for whatsapp, facebook, twitter Rs. 75 (incl. tax)How to subscribe
Monthly Facebook Offer30 days6 GB Facebook Rs. 100 (Load)  How to subscribe
Monthly Pubg   30 Days10 GBRs. 100 (Load)   How to subscribe
Monthly Freefire 30 Days10 GBRs. 100 (Load)How to subscribe
ufone monthly offers

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