CRM vs AMS: Which System is Best for Your Organization?

Examine essential characteristics of CRM and AMS platforms and investigate leading choices such as Salesforce and Fonteva for enriching client or member interactions. AMS cloud service delivery managers conduct meetings with you regularly to discuss service tracks and executive tracks . Good CRM-focused technology can help your organization achieve your CRM goals. Allow for the creation of a “knowledge base” so that all staff has easy access to a searchable warehouse of information, in order to provide quick and concise answers to customer inquiries. Assists you in keeping your data as clean as possible, which increases productivity and gives your agency the most accurate insights.

ams vs crm

It also creates an integrated profile for each customer so you can save and track your interactions with them. When it comes to finding the right software that meets all the business needs, AMS vs CRM is a major question that confuses all associations. A big part of the reason the lines are blurry is because some companies and more and more people in the association space are just using the terms interchangeably. It’s not an easy question to answer for a lot of people, even experts that have used both for years.

Keep Learning about the Value of AMS Systems

If you’re looking for more of an off-the-shelf solution with automated upgrades that your organization doesn’t have to plan for or think about, then this type of system might be right for you. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, sometimes people just can’t have everything they want. Whether the ‘no’ that nobody wants to hear comes from a budget cap, lack of staff, need vs want, etc. Store their registration information in one place within the cloud-accessed CRM.

Amidst increasing losses, Investors bid up (AMS:CMCOM) 14% this past week – Simply Wall St

Amidst increasing losses, Investors bid up (AMS:CMCOM) 14% this past week.

Posted: Tue, 06 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

These vendors have had very little success when stacked up against the true AMS solutions offered by the other two groups. The longstanding legacy of AMS solutions is both a blessing and a curse. While they do understand associations really well, often an AMS won’t stack up when compared to modern software. Both the overall user experience and feature capabilities of an AMS won’t compare to tools that specialize in a given area.

The Membership Growth Report:

You undoubtedly want an agency management system if you want to increase sales while also making your agency smarter, more productive, and more efficient. Many organizations turn to digital solutions to analyze data and generate reports. CRM software offers reporting functions such as customer engagement tracking and conversion rate trends. Detailed analytics tools provide insights for decision-makers within the organization.

  • Built on Microsoft’s most powerful technology, Protech’s robust AMS is built to work for every association, at any level of development, enabling these associations to reach their fullest potential.
  • In addition to managing your agency’s book of business, you can handle team management, collect customer data, create marketing campaigns, and track commissions.
  • Is software that connects all your customer data in one place to nurture clients and leads.
  • Industry knowledge is one of the most compelling reasons to choose an AMS.
  • When issues do occur, it is now more difficult to run diagnostics and fix system abnormalities.
  • Defining the services to be provided to meet your needs and requirements.

This can include current members, past members and non-members who might be interested in joining. If your association considers itself to be an enterprise organization, then you need a fully functioning CRM to handle these administrative tasks. However, CRM isn’t just a kind of software for associations — it’s a broader way of thinking about your members and where they fit into your operations.

A Brief History of the AMS vs CRM Debate

This is also the reason we built our AMS system, Cobalt’s Engagement Dynamics, on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform. The integration of our refined tools for associations with the strength of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform as the driving engine for your core software stack is a tremendous asset for organizations. Migrating to a new agency management system opens the door for your agency to achieve its goals.

ams vs crm

Spending just a little time with that resource will help you generate some great questions to ask as you are making your decision. Our team at Cobalt has been involved in hundreds of conversations with associations trying to find the right-fit software for their needs. Since AMS systems and CRM systems are both built to store data, the key difference between the two is the core purpose and focus of the system. The AMS you choose is not only a tool your business will use, but the vendor should also be a true partner. With a CRM, you may have to run 2-3 different systems concurrently—like running a CRM and a commissions-specific software in parallel.

What You Should Be Looking Out For With a New CRM / AMS Vendor

Jeff speaks regularly on the power of modern technology for associations and nonprofits and how it can be leveraged to better engage with members, increase member acquisition and create operational efficiencies. Jeff has been working with digital technologies for associations for over 20 years through his work with Industrial, the digital agency he founded in 2000. A legacy like that isn’t built in a day, which is why the AMS is such a powerhouse tool. Perfected over the years little by little, the AMS has a variety of tools designed to help agencies perform daily tasks.

ams vs crm

Member management software is one of the most essential pieces of software associations have in their toolkits. Using the right member management system can provide the tools you need to acquire new members and increase engagement with your existing members. Choosing the right software, on the other hand, can feel really overwhelming.


These costs can vary depending on the number of bells and whistles you want to add, but for between $65 and $125 , each vendor offers a solution to meet most, if not all, of your CRM needs. The other big plus here is the backing of multi-billion dollar companies and the R&D budget that goes along with it. Similarly, the number of companies and users running these applications dwarfs all of the AMS providers combined. This broad user base means information and documentation as well as a larger talent pool of product expertise to pull from when hiring new staff.

Before we dive into a history of the AMS vs CRM differences and advantages, let us put three other resources on your radar. If you want to grow your agency and make your daily operations more efficient—yes. While an AMS has been the backbone of agencies for generations, the CRM is quickly becoming the new leader in the Insurtech world. Both CRM and AMS win the title of “most essential software to run an independent agency” because using either by itself limits the potential of what it can do. They want to track the consumer lifecycle from becoming a prospect to leaving the agency .

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